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The scene begins with Mistress Kandy on the bathroom floor, voiding her bodily fluids. It is waste to her, but she will teach you how to treasure it. Although you may not be ready to eat directly from her, she explains that that is your future. ThereaEUR(tm);s no reason for her to sit on cold porcelain. You are encouraged to sit down at her feet, listen to her voice and smell her food. She adds that you are a loser, and can’t survive without meaEUR. Soon Kandy is sweating as she hears the sounds coming from the toilet bowl. She asks you if it’s possible to smell the sound. AEURoeYou’ll long for the scent of KandyaEUR ™, she tells you. Kandy asks you to predict if the smells will make it messy. She adds that aEURoeNo two people are the same. After youaEUR(tm), have eaten, you’ll lick your hands and wash the toilet paper with her nectar. She giggles and says, “Why do you need to use toilet paper?”. She tells you, “You shouldn’t be embarrassed.” Kandy says that she’ll now control your sexual urges. Kandy then stands and flushes her toilet. Your dinner is now gone, but Kandy will still taste the food on her hole, which she sticks to your face and asks you not to touch it. She asks, “AEURoeYou want to be owned and please me?” AEURoeA man who is able to control his ass would do so, but you can just let it get dirty. Finally, she instructs you to place your lips around her anus. Next, get deep into her mouth and taste her. The countdown begins at 10, and she asks you to put your lips on her tongue, and then your tongue will be up for her. You will feel more submissive and want to go to her bathroom.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: September 24, 2022
Category: MILF

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