Always JUST a Slave –


Slave goddess Samantha doesn’t give them time off. They always have to do a job, even when they are relaxing. Samantha uses this one to help her sit down, while he tends to her feet. He didn’t notice that her cracked pedicure required some attention. An honest slave would have noticed and taken the necessary steps to fix it. She should get another slave who will tend to her feet and the chair of the first. Samantha thinks aloud and teases her slave about the possibility of another man being there who can better cater to her needs. The slave, who is licking her feet and using his face as a footrest, continues to do the same thing. Samantha wants to know if you would be a good fit for the bill …..But, it is important to understand that the position of seat cushion or foot bitch on Day 1 does not exist. It must be earned. One must endure …. In fact, the most she’ll use you for is to sniff her armpits. You might not be able to touch her feet or assail for a while Because you’re just another slave.

Date: August 22, 2022
Category: Cuckold

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