Anal Buffet #06 –


Mistress Esmi and Mistress Deanna have considered a chore for there slave. The brand new chore will be to lick Mistress Deannas ass! To ensure the slave worships ass the way has attached to some chunk zapper. Mistress Esmi allows if he fails to lick her buttocks good enough he the slave understand she will fry off his balls. Mistress Deanna compels the slave. Him humiliates and allow him to know what a piece of he’s because Mistress Deannas ass cleans. Each time is doing a good job she gives a zap into his nuts to him. While being zapped over and above the servant hungerly eats his Mistress ass. The toilet paper servant licks her Mistress ass as best he could. To bad for the servant his best is not good enough. After chunk zapping and non stop ass licking the Mistresses rack over the slave and let him know he is.

Date: May 24, 2020
Category: Fetish

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