Anal Stepsisters: Kristina.. –


Kristina Rose and AJ Applegate are now step-sisters living together. AJ grabs KristinaAs beautiful, big sex as they walk in the kitchen. Kristina enjoys the idea but doesnA’t know if it is right for her. Both decide it will not be strange and get on with it. AJ takes KristinaA’s shorts off and burys KristinaA’s face in KristinaA’s stomach. AJ encourages KristinaA to climb onto the countertop. Kristina kneels on her stomach with her sex in the air, and AJ puts four fingers into KristinaAs groin. AJ spits Kristina’s ass yet again, and then has Kristina lay on her back. AJ inserts a large purple butt-plug into KristinaAs snout. Then, AJ inserts a huge black dildo in KristinaAA’s sex and fucks it while Kristina smashes a vibrator into her pussy. In the next scene, AJ wears a large dildo-covered strap-on. AJ bends Kristina on a leather couch and slides her huge dildo in KristinaAs sexy genitals. Kristina screams with delight. Kristina bounces around on the dildo and fucks herself hard. AJA is now on her turn, so Kristina takes off the strap and climbs up onto the chair. Kristina then licks AJA’s sock. Kristina takes a toy metal and puts it into AJA’s mouth. Kristina then fucks AJA with a glass plug while AJ uses a vibrator to her pussy. Kristina is seen quaking over the large cone-shaped, ribbed butt-plug. It’s up her sleeve, and she bounces up and down while AJ holds the vibrator to KristinaAs clit. He then dirty-talks about an intense anal orgasm.

From: everythingbutt
Date: October 3, 2022
Category: Anal

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