Box Set –


Marcus London only got out of a connection along with his mother reminds him to get his DVD box set back on the history of Rome. His own text is read by her goes to look within her dresser. Shes in the middle of moving and sees its not where she anticipated. She claims that shell look for them. He lets her know hes no longer dating for. A couple of weeks go by and she cant find it. He keeps calling and tells her off. He informs her know that he will wield his ability as an attorney if necessary. Due to his retaliation, she pushes him to help her look. Fresh outside the showershe welcomes him inside and offers to show him her messy closet where they can hunt for the box set. Marcus notices if staying over, the air mattress propped against the walls and asks. When she clarifies its her massage mattress, he asks to get a massage to soothe his throat. Hes even eager to lose the search for the box set. She leads him into a tub for a nice beverage and Marcus stays on his behavior. She leads him on the mat, then cloaks him and gives him a pampering! Then he even fucks her pussy until he pops his load all over her mouth!

Date: January 22, 2020
Category: Masturbation

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