Cherry Poppins –

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The previous time Cherry Poppins abandoned Dogfarts secret lair, she went home. You find a couple negros did a graffitti number kinda just like you see at a bad neighborhood. They wrote some things that were pretty tough all over her white skin: I LOVE BLACK COCK. . .BLACK COCK ONLY. . .that type of thing. She even called it quits from doing men! She recognized the typical 6 inch man wasnt enough, and Following her initial shock wore away, she was calling us again. Dogfart, being a forgiving guy, said SURE! Come Back! Obviously he had something special up his sleeve – this time it was”Bring Your Fiance To Function .” And Cherry determined it’d be an ideal time to break the news that she did porn. . .and she enjoys black cock. Who to team up her than Shane Diesel? His cocks as thick as it’s long, and after a great fucking, Cherry let her guy do what any cuckolds permitted to do joy himself understanding his grandma got the fucking of her entire life.

Date: April 15, 2019
Category: Hairy

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