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Claire Robbins IMHO is the most cutest, sweetest girl in the market now. We feel blessed to have her on the pages of the fastest growing (BaRS) Bondage and Rough Sex website on the planet. Claire looks really adorable in her sun dress and thigh highs. We toss her a gag and make her put it on tightly. We toss her handcuffs and create her toenails herself. Now she is totally helpless. We incorporate a custom made leather blindfold to the mix and we have a nervous helpless girl. Jack and The Williams proceed in and manhandle adorable Claire by turning and throwing her each direction. We all moan and molest Claire right down to her knees. Cocks come to her from all directions, and soon her mouth is full of HUGE black cock. The two boys go to town on Claires helpless throat. This is bound skull fucking at its very best. Claire is one of the best, she can choose the most intense deep throat fucking for so long as its contributed. This woman is in a league that few know exist as it comes to penis sucking. Inside minutes Claire is loopy and heading toward subspace in the face fucking. We pull up her on a desk and the cocks are coming from the directions. She is fucked air tight, and one cock all of the way down her throat, and another knocking her cervix. It is bondage and rough sex at its best with outall the uncomfortable SM pain stuff. Claire is fucked and vibrated to a number of brutal orgasms. She is left helpless, sexy, drooling, and cumming, the Four Horseman of BaRS sex. With all of her profound spit coated onto her upside down face, eyes and at her noseClaire cant see, can hardly breathe, but remains cumming nonetheless. We partially suspend her from one foot, upside down in the table. There she will wait for her return, covered in her slime and profound in subspace…

Date: March 27, 2019
Category: Bondage

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