Cream Pie for the Straight.. –


My beautiful young daughter Michelle Peters has been dating her new man for several months. Lately she´s been telling me that his father has been getting way too close to her and casually bumping into her copping a cheap feel. The other day the dirty old man was parked at her job stalking Michelle. Michelle told me what her man´s father has been doing and I am infuriated. How dare he touch my young beauty? The bastard should know better. We devise a plan to teach the creepy pervert a lesson. I approach him at his shop and introduce myself. Of course he is happy to meet the mother of his son´s girlfriend. We exchange pleasantries and then I drop it on him that I know about his unhealthy attraction to Michelle. I threaten to report him to the police and he begs me not to. He has a record for this type on behavior and cannot afford another run in with the authorities. The big man offers to do anything I want and I XXXX him down onto his knees. I tie her wrists together and then I bind her ankles. I tell him petite Michelle is waiting outside. The dirty pervert panics a bit and I laugh. Sexy Michelle saunters in with her skimpy clothing and she bends over pushing her ass right into his face. Poor Dave doesn´t know what to do! Michelle takes every opportunity to rub her lithe body up against him and Dave is simply flustered. He stutters and apologizes, but it is way too late for that. Michelle grabs a handful of rope and adds a tight chest harness around his girth. Poor Dave is blushing like a fool and he immediately becomes submissive and compliant. She lays him down on the cold cement floor and binds his wrists behind him. Next she puts the big large man in a tight hogtie. While she is tying him up, Michelle spots something poking out of Dave´s pocket. What!!! Are these my panties in your pocket? She pulls out several pair of her panties from the perverted old bastard´s pockets! Oh you like my panties, do you?? Michelle shoves a pair of her silk panties into Dave´s mouth and seals it in super tightly with thick black electrical tape. Poor helpless Dave grunts and moans through his panty gag. She leaves the dirty old man bound, gagged and struggling hogtied and unable to do anything about it. Off to get your son to show him what a loser you are mister!

Date: July 3, 2020
Stars: Carol Weiss / Victori
Category: Shemale

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