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Roxi Keogh, a new face on DDF Network’s Hot Legs & Feet series is today’s aEURoeCrimsonBlissaEUR Episode. Although the redhead might be looking to get some pleasure from a man, she prefers shoe-licking and playing with her pussies within her four walls. We are very lucky. Good for us and good for you. Our brand-new model is from Great Britain. This gorgeous, sexy model with long red hair and steel-blue eyes might steal your heart. She poses in front of the Full HD cameras while slowly taking off her shoes. Once this beautiful young lady starts to lick her leather heels and then stroking her calves with her delicious toes, you might find your jaw dropping to the floor. You will be able to get that extra foot-fetish pleasure you are looking for, and you’ll only take a few minutes to feel your way through her feet. Roxi enjoys to rub her freshly shaved feet and begins fingering her bag once the juicy twat has gotten wet. Hit like to see Roxi’s tattooed muse. We have an ass gape, and closeup shots of her shiny, oily feet.

From: hotlegsandfeet
Date: May 19, 2022
Category: Solo

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