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Warning! High Degradation Level Goddess Kelli loves toilet slaves. She is extremely upset by how humiliating it makes her slaves feel when she forces them to eat her waste. Kelli likes to completely empty her bladder. She first explains what her life is like while she sits on her toilet, emptying her bladder onto the floor, and then into the bowl. She tells us that aEURoeMy urine is disgusting and souraEUR. Her waste is vile and she deliberately eats or drinks anything that can cause the most unpleasant smell and taste. She summons her slave toby after she has peed. He is called “daisy” by her, which she finds insulting for being a pussy-bitch. Her slave is told by her that she made a mess, and she needs him to fix it with his tongue. He presses her head in her crotch, and she makes her sniff and clean her feet. He tells her that he needs to lick the lid as itaEUR(tm),s is all wet. He then has to bark, lick, bark, and then lick more. He is then told that she will next make him lick, bark and lick the toilet bowl. However, his head should be between her legs so he can enjoy my beauty. He will then lick his toilet bowl and lick her genitals again, she says. Kelli is constipated after two days. However, she says that the laxative has begun to work. She soon grunts and groans and is now able to eat. Kelli loves to have her slave while she goes. She says that aEURoeThe more wetter she is, in reference to her waste. As she moves forward, she sets her legs on the head of daisies. He smells it and she tells him she cannot stand the smell. Kelli now shows her beautiful, round a**es on the bed. She says, “Daisy,” and tells him to clean her. Daisy takes two minutes to clean her while verbally humiliating him. He is finally told to go back and examine his genitals. He has made her look absolutely flawless. This video will be a hit with TOILET SLAVERY fans. Goddess Kelli is able to press all the right buttons to awaken slaves, even those who are not aware of their duties. Kelli shows off her beautiful breasts and looks at you.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: September 25, 2022
Category: Panty

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