Delectable darlings doin it! –


Wivien returns and now she’s really turning the heat up with darling Dorothy Black that is tasty! Before getting down to some critical cunnilingus from the 69, the bodacious blondes from Budapest feast. After moistening the patchwork of each other they make to plowing others and pull out the pink amazing pussy playgrounds! Dorothy has a couple of fine piercings, one at the base of her yard, and one right on her labia. Great while the tongue has been buried deep within that honey pot for swishing around in the mouth! The girls join via dildo, as their vaginas join them, pumping back forth. Four luscious boobies jiggling in the midst of it all. Their passionate cries supplying a dick stiffening soundscape. When Wivien goes down and spread , you may love the closeups. Masterful they are, and you will feel like your chin is resting on Wivien’s clit as Dorothy pumps the pussy pleaser into her pie using her tits and mouth watering! Look up and revel in the glorious vista of all Wivien peaks while she yells with the anguish of a building orgasm! If your poultry choked at this point, don’t be worried, 99.9% people have! Dorothy increases the attractiveness of tongue lick and also her breast valley at her rock hard and massages the clit of Wivien with her tits. While looking at you, The two babes then participates with each other in bliss. Wondrous!

Date: December 27, 2019
Stars: Dorothy Black
Category: Face sitting

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