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Powerful Mistress Blanche includes a lesson for her British housemaid Lucia Love: it may be used for her erotic amusement instead, if you do not want to do your actions! And in order Section 2 of the fetish XXX video crammed with anal sex begins, Lucia is tied so that her wrists are spread and her pussy is open to the probing of Blanche’s fist and the clitoral stimulation of her Magic Wand vibrator.But this smart Romanian dominatrix is barely finished in doling out the intense sexual intercourse, as we see her things the red handle of a vibrator into Lucia’s mouth to wet it for its journey into her anus, then a huge flesh-colored dildo that Lucia stinks while Blanche fills her asshole with yet another flesh-colored toy while profoundly fingering the Love labia.Finally Mistress Blanche sets her submissive to the undertaking of sucking her tits and lapping in her commanding pussy, as this intense exercise in Total HD BDSM, fisting, and spanking arrives to wild ending with Lucia left to the carpeting, bound hand and footand to ponder what she wants to be: a housecleaner or a helpless sex slave!

From: 1by-day.com
Date: July 23, 2020
Stars: Destiny
Category: Submission

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