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I live in a beautiful high class community. I was shocked to see that the new girl that moved in next door. Sabrina Ryan is heavily inked and struts about in skin tight slutty clothes and stripper heels. Certainly she’s only a ghetto thug who doesn’t belong on my road. I don´t even expect her at all so I put up her by transferring my car out of the driveway allowing her think I&severe;t gone out. I only know the tattooed bimbo will attempt to break in if she thinks I am out. I watch as the sneaky dumb girl tip feet outside my house peeping into windows. She pulls on a bobby pin from her own hair and picks up the lock over your french doors. I hear her opening drawers looking for something precious to rob and that I creep up behind her taser. A good long jolt and curvy Sabrina drops to the floor. I proceed quickly straddling her body and roping her arms up behind her back. I cinch the rope and she squeals. Sexy Sabrina struggles but the shock has weakened her. I catch her pretty head and squeeze it afterward bind her legs tightly together. She curses me however, that the rope is cutting to her arms and clearly she is in pain. I roll her over and grope her ripe young body enjoying my power over the curvy little thug. I add a crotch rope yanking on it hard between her pussy lips and ass then fasten it to her wrists and helpless Sabrina groans. I taunt the woman as I slowly peel down my panties and push them to her big mouth. I wrap her head with clear tape ensuring she is muffled and unable to spit out the gag. I finish her off in a hogtie telling her that I’ve a crew that can come along and get her from my neighborhood once and for all. Sabrina cried at me gag clearly infuriated in her plight. I leave the burglar jumped, gagged and struggling .

From: Privatesextapes.com
Date: October 5, 2020
Stars: Cindy Jays
Category: Shemale

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