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When his students look as beautiful as Aida Sweet, the Romanian Aida Sweet and Hungarian Denise, a chemistry professor who has a passion for shoes and feet, he is vulnerable. We’re sure you can see what Professor Neeo does when he falls for his love with these two sweet girls. They forget their test scores as they seduce Neeo with the pretty shoes, and Neeo gets down on his knees in order to steal Aida’s stilettos. He inhales the scent deeply as soon as the shoes are taken off. Denise also takes off her shoes and Neeo soon enjoys savoring the aroma of their feet through lacy stockings. Neeo has a shaft that Aida uses to nibble on the tips of Neeo’s feet before she shifts to enjoy Denise’s feet. As Aida eats Aida’s clam, Neeo switches from worshipping her feet to enjoying the explosive foot-crotch chemistry. He soon starts banging on the girls, and his desire is not restricted to just feet. He returns to the feet when the women take off their stockings, and show him their naked toes. The girls can’t resist biting each other’s fingers. The students end up smothering their professor’s tools with their flexible soles, in this epic foot worship!

From: hotlegsandfeet
Date: May 29, 2022
Category: Alt Porn

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