Foot Worship (Part One) –


Mistresses Zoe and Ariel share a house- so convenient, this kind of good means to guarantee company and security! But what a means of creating sure you have a plaything on hand every time of night or the day! And of course both women have a foot fetish. . .Hywel&intense;s Notice: this movie was a customized video and it was a tiny challenge for us. None of us (me, Zoe or Ariel) had actually shot anything like this previously. It&intense;s a good deal more sexual than what some of us are utilised to filming. Acute & we;re a bit British and repressed- at least, Ariel and I are. Zoe much with the repressed, however it was still not anything like whatever she&extreme;d shooter before. This is Zoe and Ariel genuinely performing foot worship for the first time!

Date: July 29, 2019
Stars: Ariel Anderssen / Zoe
Category: Clothing fetish

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