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Darling walks onto the set and I feel like my heart is racing when I look at her. Darling is wearing a nice polka dots dress and smart shoes. However, I see what lies beneath it all. I make her wait. She cannot wait to see those large, round, slut tits. She moans low as I tie her tits, and I crane my elbows behind her neck. Her cunt is getting wet. The smell of her cunt getting wet is overwhelming. I tie a rope to her damp pants and pull her down. As I apply zippers to her neatly presented tits, she spitters around. She looks up at me imploringly and I make her laugh. Then, she gets a hard-earned, wet orgasm. I tie her up and make her clean up. She smells like a tramp, so I don’t spare her. Unexpectedly, I was shocked at the uncontrollable and vicious squirting that I got out of her while in this position. Because I’m a sadistic prick, this little slut cumbers so hard she makes a huge puddle all over my floor. I do this especially when it’s so hard for my cock to breathe. Then I tie my cock to something disturbing and weigh her with rocks and viscous clamps. It’s a great day.

From: hogtied
Date: September 14, 2022
Category: Squirt

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