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Hey What’s up Guys, I’m Claudia and this is my roommate, too Claudia. However occasionally it feels like we are, no we’re not sisters, we’ve known each other most of our lives. I’m Adams and she’s Rossi. We are all grown up now and are studying Fine Art in Charles University here in Prague. The weekend before last we went to the party at one of the Frat homes. There was this one guy there who was the party’s life, because I always believed that he was a nerd, It ’ s funny, I’ve never seen the gut do anything but study. This is actually the very first time I’ve ever seen out him, come to find out that he is one of the largest partiers on campus, that he just goes to parties off campus. Well Claudia and I invited our new buddy back to see the Discovery channel, he whined telling us was the best pick up how would he say . We moved ahead of him he guaranteed to be there in only a couple of minutes.Once back at our location Claudia and then I went straight into our area, laid on our bed, and started kissing. We split our selves to assist each other slide out of our bras, then we began kissing, licking, and sucking one anothers tits and hardening nipples. Claudia flicked her tongue across my nipples one by one, before sucking them into her hot moist mouth, and that I did the same for her. Thinks only started to heat up if Neeo walked in, he came over between us, Claudia achieved grabbed his hard thick cock, and slipped it right inside her mouth. I leaned over and started licking at his balls. I really can her Claudia sucking his cock it seemed horrible how she slobbered down and up his, again and again and slurped. I kept licking and sucking his balls that were swelling, watching them grow bigger and bigger. My pussy was begging for attention so I scaled my ass right on top of Neeo ’ s face and wet, and he didn’t let me down. He began sucking and licking my wet cunt giving it a tonguing. Claudia still sucked away she slowly lowered her mind taking every inch of him inside, his cock is a bit more along with so large I understand his cock must of stuffed her mouth. Neeo was still giving my nasty twat that the tonguing of a lifetime, Claudia slurped her up off his cock, I took a hold of his own slobbery penis and gave it all a slobbering of my very own, sucking up and down the entire length of his long thick penis, over and above. I slid his hard cock from my mouth and started yanking him up and down, tough and fast. I ended up and Claudia got with her round ass confronting himand slowly slipped his cock in her tight pink hole. Neeo started sliding his penis in and out of her cunt hard, fast and deep. I reached down and started rubbing Claudia ’ so clit about and around as Neeo rammed his long meaty cock deeper over and over again. It felt hot, and I slid it it had been covered from top neeo pulled his hard cock from Claudia ’ s moist puss and tasted so sweet. I stuffed it up in Claudia ’ s hot cunt slipped his hard cock from my mouth. Neeo went back to work, driving his throbbing cock in and out of her puss. Claudia laid back down if front of Neeo and caught up, he started fucking her harder than before, I started licking and sucking her tits and nipples because Neeo kept thumping away and shoved up his thick back it her sexy wet twat. He slipped his wet penis that was throbbing out of cunt and she put it right it her mouth, sucking on his pussy marinated penis from top to the bottom. Feeling a little left out I combined the cock sucking party, before returning it to 27, slipping his cock in my mouth for a slurping. Neeo started fingering my sexy wet twat and I swapped his slobbery cock between us forth and back, slurping and slobbering all over it. I got up on top facing him, Neeo slowly slid his wet cock in my juicy puss. He began shoving his prick in and out of my moist cunt with force, harder and stronger . He pulled his cock out of my dripping snatch, Claudia began sucking on it from head to toe and slipped inside her mouth. Claudia got back up on top more with her ass facing him, Neeo opened her up wide and slid his thick with her tight sexy ass. He started sliding his hard prick in and out of her ass deep and hard. As Neeo kept fucking her ass, hard and powerful, I began sucking and licking tits and nipples. I started rubbing her horrible cunt and reached down, it was soppy wet and hot. Neeo gradually pulled his hard cock from her tight ass, I began sucking it up and down as hard as I could and wrapped my lips around his thick meaty cock. I jumped on top, facing him and he stuffed his hard cock into my tight buttocks. I could feel my ass being spread wide open as he started banging away and shoved his prick into my corn pit that is tight. He drove his cock in and out of my tight horny ass with hard strokes that were deep, above and over. I started licking Claudia ’ s juicy twat up and down and leaned forward, her pussy tasted so sweet. As I continued slurping away at the pussy juice dripping out of her nasty 28, neeo kept slipping his prick in and out of my sexy ass. Neeo maintained fucking my butt powerful and hard. I got on all fours, with my nice round ass pointed high in the sky, and Claudia did the very same, Neeo began fingering us both and slipped his fingers along with our buttocks. He started pumping it in and out and stuffed his cock deep into Claudia ’ s ass. He slowly pulled his thick cock and pushed it right into mine. He started fucking my ass hard and powerful, forcing his cock deeper and deeper . Neeo pulled on his prick and went right up in Claudia ’ s, fucking her ass even. His thick cock slid out of her ass. He then did the exact same to mine. Claudia and I started as Neeo shot his load all kissing.

From: Handsonhardcore.com
Date: January 30, 2020
Stars: Claudia Rossi
Category: High heels

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