Hot Sexy Sapphire –


Nyxon and now I have been pounding the pavement turning tricks for Madam Sherry Stunns however no matter how much money we flip over, severe it;s not enough. She bitchy tonight insulting us and threatening to cut loose. The final straw is when we are accused by her holding cash back and I snap leaping on her lap pushing a bit in her mouth. We induce the tit cunt and begin roping up her. I catch and manhandle her tits because Nyxon ties her hands together behind her back then I put in a torso harness. Sherry is now prepared to conclude and she provides us a greater cut on our tricks but acute & it; s too little to late. We notify the whore that we have a customer for the and she ´t be around to tell anybody about this. Before laying her nyxon pushes a ballgag into her mouth. We gang linking her in a hogtie pull a vibrator out forcing her to cum. We abandon her sobbing and helpless into her gag knowing her fate is now sealed. No road pimping for us – we have your brothel today bitch!!!

Date: July 13, 2020
Stars: Sapphire
Category: Gonzo

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