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The clip was restored using MP4 High Definition format. The Mistress T is chatting with Princess Ami about what they saw in school. T said that one thing she loved was seeing when teachers would pick up naughty boys by their ears and take them to the Principal. Ami, barely in her teens, is shocked and thrilled that these things have happened in school in the past. T said she’d love to do it again, and we then morph into a twilight zone where T and Ami actually drag two men by their ears. You can see the pain in their faces by looking at the faces of the slaveA. T uses his slave’s ears to drag him towards sniffing out her pussy and genitals. It’s as if the scene has morphed back to the present. T then tells Ami that she believes itaEUR ™.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: September 27, 2022
Category: BBW

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