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Just the other day these two men were fucked by me, I understand what you’re thinking but my boyfriend and I have agreed that we could have sex with whoever we want, but just once, so I fucked these two guys ONCE. I was laying out in the sun, and that I could feel that my twat getting all hot and juicy, and so I flipped over and spread my thighs I feel upset like I so often do. I have woken up with two men talking, they were speaking about me and how wet I was. I guess my pussy had really begun to drip. I could tell they were close and was shocked to hear them. All I could do was lay there and act like I was still sleeping. I listened to their talk and fantasies and laid there, I actually got turned on, listening to what they desired to do to me personally and the way they went to perform it. They were having fun and beginning to get a little loud. I heard one of them let the other to become silent before I was woken by them. This ’s once I said, “that I ’m not sleeping! ” As I cried them and flipped myself back over. All of the sudden they were speechless they simply stood there looking at me. So I requested them “What? All talk and no show men? ” I told them that I was going upstairs to earn a drink when they needed, and that they can join me. They agreed and followed . Once we got upstairs that the shock had worn off and we were able to relax. We got to the bed and started shooting making out and grabbing each other. Cage started kissing and licking my tits while Charlie flicked his tongue. They stripped off my panties, exposing my pretty shaved twat. Cage touched down and started fingering my clit hard and quick, and rubbing my sexy puss in the top to bottom. I grabbed Charlie’s cock and began sucking it sloppily as I could, slurping and slobbering all over it, Cage had slipped his finger in my tight, horny cunt and was also giving it a good fingering. I could feel my pussy getting juicier . Cage slid his finger out of my hole and that I grabbed his cock exchanging one to another, and began slobbering them down and up. I squeezed on their hard cocks one by one I held his cocks in my hands and jerked against them together with long strokes. I got on all fours and slid Charlie’so long, hard prick in my warm, wet mouth, and Cage slid his throbbing length into my tight, wet twat and began fucking my pussy hard and powerful. Cage put down and slid his cock from my tight puss, I laid on my side in front of him. His girth slid back and started pounding away like he’d never needed it. I grabbed back a hold of Charlie’so long cock and started sucking it up and down, Cage was still tagging my pussy hard and fast from behind, as I started licking Charlie’s big meaty chunks, one by one. I kept his cock I really could feel it throbbing as I jerked it down and up again and again. Cage shot his finger and slipped it into my ass, he began fingering my pussy and ass . Then he began banging , fast and hard and slid his long cock back. I bobbed away, slurping and slobbering all over it and kept my lips wrapped s cock. Cage jumped in and I lay on my back and pushed on his hard cock into my cunt for a few more, tough fuckingthat he drove his shaft deeper into my wet hole. I wrapped my lips begin sucking hard as I can and back across Charlie ’ s cock, bobbing my head up and down again and again. Cage pulled his cock from my sexy moist puss and lay down, then I got on top and positioned my horny twat straight above his hard cock, with my ass facing him I grabbed his cock and stuffed it straight within my moisthot pink hole. I leaned back since Cage slid his cock out of the puss. He rammed his thick cock deeper with each stroke in my twat, he was becoming pussy that I didn’t even know I’d. I kept sucking on Charlie’s thick slobbery penis I could feel it still growing in my stomach. Cage pulled his long cock from my sexy puss, Charlie lay behind me and slid his throbbing cock into my tight ass, he started sliding it in and out, deeper . I wrapped my lips round Cage’so cock and began sucking it up and down, it’s so warm and sweet from my hot twat. Charlie kept pounding away at my tight little butt. Charlie pulled from my ass just so I can get on all fours he stuffed his cock in my tight butt from behind . He began fucking my butt with what he had. I could feel that my butt being spread open, just like that I never before. I continued slobbering up and down Cage’s shaft, tonguing its tip and swallowing its own wholeness. Charlie lay right down and I quickly jumped in addition to my little round ass facing his direction, I grabbed his hard cock and pushed it up my ass and he started fucking my ass like that he had a grudge to settle. Cage started pumping his throbbing cock out of my mouth. Charlie pushed back his cock and started fucking me good and hard. I held it tightly in my hands caught Cage ’ so cock and slowly began licking at his balls repeatedly. I got down on my knees reached out and caught both their cocks and started slurping and jerking one again and again. I sucked Cage’s prick powerful and hard until he got a large load of cum into my own mouth and down my neck. Then I wrapped her lips around Charlie’s cock cum and then all and slurped his penis up and down until he shot his warm load all over my head, I grabbed their cocks and squeezed them until they were dry afterward I held their meaty cocks firmly within my hands and jerked them down and up until I playing with their semen. Mmmmmm.

From: Handsonhardcore.com
Date: May 19, 2019
Stars: Alexandra
Category: Lick & Suck

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