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I was considering the time that there was this man who had the hots for me personally and once I was in school. 1 day I was and I thought I happened to run into him. . .what the hell! In which I find a shrine to 14, he takes me straight back to his dorm. I was a little freaked out but after I watched his penis I knew it would be ok. I suck on his ridged schlong lengthy and slow savoring every inch that is thick. He tosses me plus packs my pussy with pounds and his penis and pumps me like no other. He made me cum so hard that I almost passed out, boy did his cock feel deep inside me. He then pulled out and coated his toes with his sauce that was new for me personally but it was kinda cool. Damn where is quantity!

From: Realtimebondage.com
Date: June 7, 2020
Category: Fetish

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