Lauren Phillips is Chanel.. –


Lauren Phillips, a beautiful, red-headed, and long-legged woman, stands naked in a room. She is held by a steel collar over her head. Chanel Preston enters the frame in a black minidress made of latex and brightly colored high heels. She also carries a riderA crop. Chanel forces Lauren to dance in the cage while she crops LaurenAAs milky-white ass until it turns pink. Chanel tells Lauren sheA’s going make Lauren into an anal whore, and that her sex will be more sexy. Chanel begins inserting her fingers in LaurenA’s sex, one after another. Chanel takes LaurenA’s acrylic toy, and she inserts her fingers into it. Lauren is made to taste the acrylic toy as she places it in her mouth. Chanel then releases Lauren from her helmet and bends over her to a saw-horse made of leather. Chanel adds a huge fat dildo and presses LaurenA’s stomach with the strap-on. LaurenA is left with a gaping mouth. Lauren is then placed on Lauren’s back, with her legs extended. Chanel places the glass pillar in LaurenA’s stretched-out ass. This gives us an opportunity to see her pink inners, much like an anal aquarium. Chanel hands Lauren a Hitachi and presses on her pussy. Lauren then cumbers with the Hitachi in her genitals. Chanel commands Lauren to cum Chanel so Lauren spreads her legs and Lauren kisses her genitals. Chanel strokes her pussy, Lauren puts a glass plug into her genitals and Chanel cumbers with it. Lauren is sucky on her toes while Chanel strums around her sexy tum.

From: everythingbutt
Date: October 3, 2022
Category: Anal

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