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The Pit – Muscled body builder Tatum makes his cock hard before his obstacle can commence. He is beaten down with thick punches prior to having his nips tormented and his torso beaten together with the flogger. – The Water Chamber – Chained to the walls, Tatum has clothespins trimmed at around his chest before surviving the sting of the riding crop whipping from his flesh. The water turns on full blast to rip the clothespins off while Tatum screams at the very top of the lungs. – The Gimp Station – On his backside, Tatum’s tormented using the electric zapper whilst carrying every inch of their gimp’s giant prick deep in his ass. His agony switches into flogger as he’s forced to ride the penis of on the gimp before blowing his load all over the area.

From: Sweetheartvideo.com
Date: May 29, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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