Lucky Piece of Meat part 2 –


My hairbrush is my first tool. I want to leave symmetrical lines so that one side isn’t more red than the other. The brush is used on both ends, so his skin becomes warmer and redder. The slave loves the black paddle. I use it harder, and he turns on like he’s in a spa. My furry glove is next while I caress his butt. Next, it’s back to the black paddle. It is now super difficult. The slave now feels less secure. Next, the wooden racket. Slave is now shaking and suffering, which is what is driving me crazy. With the plexiglass, I finally break the skin. My goal now is to make slave an artist and paint the paddle red. To me, hearing him shout is foreplay. His screams make me laugh. It’s red, he paints it.

Date: September 24, 2022
Category: Cumshot

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