Make Her Scream –


Poor Lea Hart has been having intense BDSM dreams since she had been a tiny girl. Ever since she discovered sex she has wanted to be mastered and ruined for someone else's pleasure. The first porn she found was Insex, the best at the business, and she has been dreaming of us ever since. She s spent her whole lifetime building up to this instant, the moment when she can do the penance for all her sexual sins with the pros of sadism and sin. And here she is.Matt, on the flip side, is no young ingenue, trying to experience the finest of sex for the very first time. He knows what he’s doing, he s been doing it. The one thing left to do today is take all that experience and attention and focus it . She's observed videos of whips, devices, and also fucking machines on the internet before, but today she is going to be the one sitting at the point of impact. It's world as it's occurring to you. She used to wonder whether the girls in the videos were behaving, if they had been distressed as they looked or simply playing it up. Now she knows the reality. It doesn'Regardless of how much she loves BDSM, it doesn'regardless of how good it feels, Matt will make her scream. She can't hold back it again.

Date: September 11, 2019
Stars: Lea Hart
Category: Bondage

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