Mario’s Boy: Fucked –


SeanA stands beside the board and pushes his chest onto the floating bondageboard. Mario asks Doug to let Sean loosen up. Doug mocks Sean as he sucks MarioA’s cock. They talk dirty and give orders to Sean. Mario hits him with his fat cock. Doug spits on his a**hole. Doug and Mario swap places. Sean is unable to contain his tears as MarioAs huge cock puts its head up. But itAs finally in, and the pumping continues. Mario pulls back and inserts again, giving SeanA’s ans a good spank. Doug assists Sean in spanking him, but he remains polite and thanked them for their time. Doug stands facing Sean, jerking his cock. Doug cinches on SeanA’s neck and hair, while holding SeanA’s head down. Mario pulls up and grabs his cock. He cumming directly above SeanA. Sean lies on his stomach, with no booze, face down. Sean is being plug-gagged. Mario is a rigid cock. Doug licks his ears and nibbles at his ears. Sean grunts as Mario gently slaps the balls of his feet. Doug says heA has finished drinking. The pair put SeanA’s bag hood on and fasten it to SeanA. They then left the dungeon.

From: kink_boundandgagged
Date: June 3, 2022
Category: Leather

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