Masseuse Gets Her Fill Of.. –


A comprehension and a mutual respect between Tracy and Eve was obvious from the start, both girls showing a side to their personalities which subsequently made the atmosphere in the room quiet and quite comfy. Oil was over Eves tanned body along with her torpedo-like breasts had been shortly Tracys attention , barely sitting due to the size of those. They momentarily stuck into her pussy, which signaled to Tracy that she was feeling motivated, already getting moist down below, Since Eves panties were eliminated. Tracy sat massaging and slipping oiled palms and out making Eve throw her head back. It didnt take Tracy long to create Eve cum and in that moment both women kissed with lots of fire prior to sharing a 69 with Tracy so overwhelmed with orgasmic tremblings she could barely lick Eve and all Tracy might do was curved her back again and again because she came all over Eves tongue.

Date: January 24, 2020
Category: Fingering

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