Mon Strokes It On Couch –


“Can I watch you ?” Vivi asks, gazing at Alba who stands in front of her in just her panties. By pealing Vivis underwear away, releasing the dark bush that is complete inside alba responses. Naked they lean against the walls, sliding their bodies together, Vivi nuzzling her face into Albas breasts before kissing them all over.Standing in the hallway, and Vivi pulls a fervent Alba to her arms, kissing her neck and pulling her fingers round the exposed skin around the sides of her t-shirt,”youre so soft!” Vivi stands straightened in her jeans, with flashed her armpit hair as Alba eases her bra off. Vivi rubs her nipples into the light eyebrow of Alba, moving their bodies skin to skin in an intimate embrace.

Date: July 12, 2020
Stars: Mon
Category: Hairy

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