Natasha Starr & Ramon Nomar –


Turning into a servant of Mistress Candle is no easy task, after evaluation she has a unique ceremony to mark every slave has been passed by all of her subs. Each servant will proudly wear the sent Superior Mistress Candle.The slaves are all bound and placed in a row lying around the floor. Candle explains what it means to be her slave and real estate. Mistress places the vibrator and also straddles her slaves face. I will cum all over you. No other woman will want you after I mark you with my scent.Candle yells with enjoyment while she brings her pussy to orgasm over the initial brothers face.Candle squats within the next slave. I love waiting and taking a look at your mouth open. Candle screams with delight as her pussy gushes goddess nectar out . She then measures over the third slave, who has chosen to take his nectar through a funnel. The slave receives the highest quantity of squirt , as she brings herself to orgasm again and again, anointing and drenching her servant with her squirt .

Date: March 26, 2020
Category: Squirting

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