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Our Sexy Lila is this time as a courageous military nurse rather than a moment when she helps the Dr. get the operating room ready for any emergencies that may cum their own way. She kneels down in front of him and starts sucking him off, prepping him just like any good nurse could do and he then stands her up bending her on the table and stuffed his big cock deep in her pussy. She reaches back spreading her ass wide open as he slides his penis in and out, realizing that her first priority would be to help the Dr. in every way possible. Even the Dr. laid down along with Lila went back to work sucking and licking his cock out of his nut sack straight up and she then got into Doggy, picking up right where she left off, and just like she did during these long and difficult days of basic training. She got on top spreading her self open wide as he slipped his cock back in her snatch, slipping his penis in and out with long deep strokes because she awakens her happy ass up and down. She got down from on top and then he licked her pussy before slipping his penis back inside and Lila squatted down and started playing with her pussy as the great Doc fucked her sexy mouth from above. She licked and sucked on his cock and played with his balls till she knew she was prepared and then she held her mouth wide open as he took his cum inside, doing her part to serve her country proudly.

Date: November 12, 2018
Stars: Lila
Category: Clothing fetish

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