ORGASMAGEDDON: Part 1/4The.. –


Part 1 of 4 from the February Live Show Mondays features Rain DeGrey (Felony), Isis Loving and sexy cohosts Princess Donna, and Isis Love. ORGASMAGEDDON has arrived. This is the first part of ORGASMAGEDDON. Howard Stern was there last year to discuss something similar with Rain. It wasn’t something that you would see every day, nor ever. We have now added Felony and we plan to make these girls do more than any normal person in their lives. These girls will be made to cum till they pass out or become non-responsive. They will be forced to come up until the body can stop someone from orgasming to their death. We tie them so that their struggle will not cause any injury during the madness which will consume their brains. We then start teasing the girls, refusing to let them go, for beautiful, intense orgasm DEIAL within the first fifteen minutes. Little do the girls realize that they really want what they’re asking for. Both girls give their all in the first orgasms. They thrash, shout, and even squirt. We will make these girls cum for 45 minutes. This is only the beginning. These girls are now in Hell, and it is a beautiful Hell.

From: hogtied
Date: May 23, 2022
Category: Bondage

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