Perverted Office Practices -.. –


Tia, who was in the toilet after a mishap and is now back, is followed closely by the CEO, who is desperately trying to find Her report. He takes it out and is impressed. Thank goodness her office gimp managed to finish it even though She was busy messing with Her pants. Tia always seems to get things done! He is now gone. She then calls out to Her bitch from underneath the desk. She tells him that she had soiled his panties, and now he gets to clean them. He is placed on the desk, and he is forced to breathe.

She humiliates and degrades him all the time. She finally takes her pants off and says to him that he should continue sucking on them while she is at her desk. After returning from the copy room, she expects her panties to be clean and dry. He will have fresh cum when she returns, says she.

Date: May 20, 2022
Category: Feet

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