Playing With a Full Stack! –


I am one of those nasty and difficult Russian girls that you heard about and expect to see action now. I invited Cage around for a booty call, or maybe I should state”titty” telephone, because Cage certainly enjoys him some great pair of tits! So I put my boobs right in my own 15, I understand this about him. He rubs and melts, and sucks on my big round nipples. I get back on my knees to take his penis in my mouth and then wrap my tits so that he could fuck me. He desired me laid down and down and dirty, spread his legs wide, and needed me tongue up ass. I slurp my strategy out of the ground up, slobbering all over him. Cage goes from fucking me into my pussy and my buttocks, stopping to fuck me between. He loves to watch his cock sliding in and out of my cleavage, and that’s exactly what he is doing when he busts his load all over my torso. I rub his cum in my tits and then his cock slides in my mouth, sucking off him to get every little piece that I can.

Date: December 26, 2019
Stars: Luba Love
Category: Fingering

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