Pretty Please, Penny Pax –


Penny begins her day sitting on a special device. It was designed to make sure she’s helpless. All of her weight rests on her stomach, and her legs and arms spread apart. A dental device will be used to hold PennyA’s lips together, which will affect her ability of speaking. As soon as the device is placed on her face, humiliation ensues. Although she tries to do her best, she can’t help but giggle at her own indignation about how she uses it. PennyA is completely slashed by a leather-clad flogger. As the flogger takes off, his tits and her arse turn bright red. Penny watches as the flogger applies clothespins to sensitive areas. It’s then that the orgasm begins and she is humiliated. She needs to say “pretty please”. Next, Penny will be in a back bend. She is held in place by hard steel. As The Pope approaches, she balances on her back and attaches twine lassos at her nipples. The Pope then hangs her weight on me. It leads to another crop being used. We discover that Penny has a very ticklish nature, and he uses that to his advantage just like he did all the others. In a dramatic twist of events, he returns to ripping her pussy in multiple “paingasms”. Penny lies in an uncomfortable position, her arms wrapped around her waist and tied to her strappado. After some cropping, the Pope places his hands on her neck and sets out to make her have more orgasm than ever before. The Pope presses hard against her clit, filling up her pussy with an enormous dildo. In a wild frenzy, he rotates between her mouth and pussy. We have Penny back and that’s what really matters.

From: devicebondage
Date: September 7, 2022
Category: Domination

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