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I am so fed up with these young neighbors partying all night – loud music, loud voices and car doors slamming open and shut all fucking night. It´s gotten to the point that I can´t even hear my television and forget about XXXX. Uuugghhh – enough!!!! I go next door to stop the nonsense by tieing Lela Beryl to a wooden chair so that she can´t hold yet another party tonight. Her elbows are crushed together and wrists cinched tightly. I cinch her ankles together and bind them tightly together. Of course the young brunette brat is denying all the partying and blaming it on another house. Bull-fucking-shit!!!! You need to just shut the fuck up! I grab a dirty rag and XXXX it into her big mouth finishing with layers and layers of silver duct tape. How´s that little miss party girl?? I add another rope to secure the party animal to the chair and off I go. No party tonight darlin´!!!! Poor Lela is left alone and struggling in the chair. Lela struggles really hard to get her wrists unbound and finally succeeds after several long minutes. She tries her best to hop the chair over to a drawer and the struggle inch by inch by inch seems to take the poor bitch forever. Finally she reaches the drawer and lifts her bound ankles up attempting to reach the handle with her toes. She manages to get the drawer open and spots a scissor. The girl then fumbles with the waist rope and unties her body from the chair. She grabs the scissor and makes a valiant effort to cut the rope keeping her elbows painfully together. A futile try. The young brunette sits herself back into the chair and finally gets her ankles untied. Lela is so frantic to escape with arms are flailing wildly and her elbows are still tied she hop hop hops herself to the door.

From: Fetish-elements.com
Date: July 21, 2020
Stars: Lina
Category: Penetration

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