Redhead Cutie Craves The.. –


Haven and Eileen look just like a classic young couple in love. They gaze deep in each others eyes and they can feel the desire beneath the surface. They connect in a most intimate way, holding hands as they first go down on each other, sharing the moment of their sexual arousal as they lick firmly and with purpose to get each other wet. Eileen wants to spread her juices on to Havens thigh, sliding her pussy back and forth before tribbing with her lover. When the girls make a 69 with Haven on top, we witness the erotic sight of her licking up the juices from Eileens dripping pussy, before spreading its lips to reveal its wetness. After Eileen climaxes, Haven rolls back and sits up so she can ride Eileens face for her own pleasure.

Date: September 12, 2019
Category: Fingering

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