Sander & Brodie –


Sander should not be surprised at how hot and well-built he really is. He gets a little aEURoetwittipatedaEUR, as he calls it, when he is around another attractive guy. IaEUR(tm), have never heard of that expression, but it seems to mean he is a bit aloof. Brodie is not to be timid around anyone. Everyone likes Brodie. They laughed and moved around a bit. Brodie liked the idea of having a lot of muscle together. He licked SanderaEUR ™, slowly, as if he were showing that he approves of the muscled stud. They were actually flogging each other until I realized that. Brodie drove into SanderaEURTM’s stomach like he was going to have a sex with him every day. Sander enjoyed every second of it, with Brodie’s balls pressing against SanderaEUR(tm)s stomach and Brodie rub on his stomach until his stomach was full of cum. Everyone likes Brodie, and you don’t have to feel ashamed of him.

From: seancody
Date: September 18, 2022
Category: Anal

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