Size Matters –


Scene: When Piper Perri, a tiny client arrives to get a massage from Ashley Adams, he is thrilled to pamper the little girl. Piper Perri looks like a miniature version of her statuesque self. Ashley was intrigued by the tiny measurements of her client. Piper’s feet, which are as big as AshleyA’s hands, is adorable. Ashley asked Piper about her relationship status and Piper said that she was seeing a man. AshleyA is even more curious when Piper turns on her back. She strokes Piper’s little breasts, and she suggests to her a way of making her ex jealous. Piper is told by Ashley to remove her top so she can take pictures together. Piper loves the sound and the look of her boobs. Ashley allows her to play with her boobs, and she lets her suck on her nipples. PiperA climbs on to the massage table and starts to touch PiperA’s pussy. Piper is left breathless as she rubs her clit with circular movements. She then lies down on PiperA’s stomach, sucking up the juices. Then she rinches her lips and cleaves her tongue to her clit. Ashley takes off her pants to prepare for PiperA’s retaliation. PiperA’s small tongue makes her cum. Ashley hovers her pussy above PiperA’s mouth. Piper grabs AshleyA’s leg and fucks her at her wrist. Piper is able to see Ashley as she inverts on the table. Piper rubs Ashley’s pussy hows all over, and Piper then licks her!

From: allgirlmassage
Date: September 10, 2022
Category: Massage

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