Slutty Anal Step-Daughter:.. –


Lexi Lore, a long-legged and sexy woman with long legs, is looking through her step-momA’s drawers for a metal instrument. It has a ball on each end. This could be a sex tool. The naked Lexi Lore strips down and puts her feet on a chair made of leather. She then slides the metal tool into her sexy sock. It is popped in and out of her sex, she spits on the toy, then it’s back in when Joanna Angel, her tattooed stepmom, suddenly gets startled. Joanna first scolds Lexi about going through her stuff and for not using that big end of the tool. Joanna sits next to LexiA and kisses her perfectly pale pink sex. LexiA’s sexy side is sunk by Joanna, who squeals in delight. Joanna grabs Lexi’s hair, and then brings her to her bed. Lexi places her ass on the pillow and puts her head in her mattress. Joanna tells Lexi to rub her pussy till she cums, but Lexi is not permitted to do so without something. Joanna puts on a big dildo while Lexi grips a vibrator against the clit. She cums with her stepmomAA’s cock in both her legs. Joanna turns Lexi upside down and gives her a sexy sex. Lexi is forced to climb up and take her cowgirl/reverse cowgirl ride. Joanna is determined to demonstrate to her stepdaughter that she’s a true anal woman and gives Lexi a big glass toy. Lexi puts the clear glass toy in her step-momA and then fucks Joanna with it. Joanna then takes out the Slink, and Lexi slides it up into her bra. Joanna continues to cump with the two-foot long toy in her stomach. Finally, Lexi is forced to slide her entire fist into her ans. Lexi, who does such a great job, rewards Joanna with the Slink and then slides the clear, cold glass toy in and outside, leaving LexiA gaping.

From: everythingbutt
Date: September 11, 2022
Category: Domination

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