Sorority Pledge –


Rina Ellis, a sorority pledge is given the task of convincing a random man to join her sorority. She takes up a job at NURU Spa. The masseuse is shocked when she finally gets the courage to meet her client wearing an open robe. TommyA is fully aware that theyAre violating school rules but is unsure of how to escape this situation. Rina comes up with an idea. She pulls TommyA into her shower and shows her naked body. They can keep it secret, she says. She takes his pants off and uncovers his long, schlong. He resists. He is escorted into the shower by her. He watches as her shaves him and shows off her adorable legs. She offers to give him a massage in the bathtub. He is too big for her so she gives him her pussy. Tommy is happy to help her meet her pledge. So that she could finish the massage, she stops Tommy before he carries too much. Tommy is then made to flip over by her NURU gel covering him from head to toe. Slides up and down, then turns around and feeds him his pussy, sucking his cock. He rides her hard as she slips on his back. Tommy then fucks her upside down until he cums all around her stomach!

From: nurumassage
Date: July 7, 2022
Category: Massage

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