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Sometimes when I meet a brand-new man, I’ve got him perform an audition video before we do anything else. Its kind of the abridged version of a complete shoot, however we jump all the preliminary things and I just have him watch a porno, and also get off himself. It frequently helps them get over the weirdness of the whole thing and they can unwind a little.For this weeks update Ive gone back to my writings and pulled out a few audition tapes. Ive also contained two that were done recently.Guy #1: A hot, straight redhead using a lean, tight body and a huge dick. Hes really interested in getting into the porn business but he wont do anything homosexual (darn). Even so, youll be seeing more of him.Guy #2: Fresh out of the Army, this 29 year old comes with a hairy chest and a goatee. Decided that his girlfriend could be angry if he did any videos and chose to not pursue it further.Guy #3: Very, very straight. Cute face and good dick. Was pretty embarrassing with jerking off in front of some other guy. Moved away before we can get him back.

Date: October 17, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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