Such Beautiful Amazing Feet –


Kandy has returned to the woods and is now relaxing under a fallen tree while she waits for her slave. She’s instructed him to crawl all the way. Kandy is done with her boot removal and has rubbed her feet in the dirt to make them sweaty. He crawls up to Kandy and begins to venerate her feet. His lips soon wrap around the big toe of her. He is instructed to spread her toes, and she tells him to do the same. Kandy is able to hear a crackling sound from the forest but it’s not a bear. She has just finished spraying the alpha female piss around the entire area.

You can also see her feet from the camera’s angles. Even suggesting that, if the bear wants to be her slave, you might have to step in and take over. She also suggested that multiple slaves might worship KandyaEUR(tm)s feet simultaneously. She says, “aEURoeMy feet look so amazing and beautiful.” Kandy is sprawled on the tree looking stunning as the camera pans over her head. She adds, “aEURoeI stepped into my pee,” She finally has the slave return her boots to her feet. He lies on his back and she has him bounce on her several times.

Date: August 16, 2022
Category: Anal

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