The Little Pleaser: Zoe.. –


Cherry Torn will be moving out of her apartment, and Zoe Sparx is her friend. Cherry hears from Zoe Sparx how she will miss Cherry. Cherry felt the same way, so sheA’s planned a small gift for her friend. CherryA’s Dungeon is presented to Zoe, who doesn’t know what’s coming. Zoe will be her plaything. This was something Zoe didn’t expect to happen. But before she realizes it she’s naked and is caught in CherryAs grip. Because ZoeA is known as the “little pleaser”, sheA’s thrilled. Cherry loves to play with her genitals. She will squeeze, probe, stretch, and spank it until it turns red. Zoe thinks that she is in too much. But she can’t resist her dominant, sexy friend who tells her exactly what she should do and uses her to her advantage. Cherry attaches her to a cross and applies a crop to her delicate feet, tender thighs, and her dripping pussy. CherryA gets her own pussy wet from the whole affair. ZoeA’s large nipples make her a good target for hard metal clamps. Although she can’t manage the pain, Cherry slips down to work her pussy with its tongue. The pleasure soon leads to more pain. ZoeA is tied to a rope suspension and continues to be subjected the abusers. Cherry removes the strap-on once sheA has gotten used to it. ZoeA has her ankles tied around her wrists and her ass and puss are open to anything. Cherry takes ZoeA’s sex and drives her strap-on snake deep within. Then she turns her attention towards her genitals and grabs the strap-on before pushing it inside. After yelling at her missionary friend, she then doesggystyle and then flips her over for a piledriver. ZoeA is a tight, muscular little sexy sex. In a sensory overload, she cumbers. Cherry then sits on ZoeA’s head while Zoe suckers and eats her delicious, wet, and puckered pussy. Cherry then puts her face on ZoeA and it’s time to pack. This is a great gift to give her.

From: whippedass
Date: September 26, 2022
Category: Domination

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