Training Hard Part 1 –


Dominic Pacifico and jace Chambers are Using a Bag hanging from the ceiling at the Gym Workout Area.

They’re a couple and Dominic is telling Jace he better behave himself with the client he has coming in because he knows that the guy is the kind that Jace goes for. Dominic leaves and as when Bryan Cole falls in Jace is currently cleaning up and getting ready for his customer. Jace helps him put on his boxing gloves and then Bryan starts hitting on the bag. He is not hitting very difficult and Jace encourages him to reach it even harder. We could observe a visible penis bouncing around each time on the bag is hit by Bryan while the bag is being hit by Bryan. Bryan stops hitting the bag and notices the package that is big. After Jace realizes that Bryan is currently looking at his cock he makes his move and soon Bryan is sucking Jaces huge cock and choking on it. Before inserting his big cock inside Bryans ass jace pulls Bryans trousers down and rims his bum. Bryan is then moved by him over to the seat and proceeds to fuck him both shoot their thick creamy loads. Jace informs Bryan he cannot tell his Boyfriend concerning what they just did…

Date: January 14, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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