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Miguel is a sexy Latin underside who adored the idea of getting fucked by a straight man. After his first film, I asked him about a number of the guys on the website and then his favorites were. His first options were TJ and Luke, because he enjoys muscle guys with a couple black and tattoos hair.People often ask about models (such as Luke) that I shot years back and wonder where they are. Well, things change in peoples lives and the past I heard from Luke he’d become a daddy and wasnt considering filming some more adult flicks.TJ, on the other hand, was fresh off his take with Carter. He was a little nervous about being with another man but Carter actually knows how to give good head and I guess that TJ figured homosexual guys actually know how to please a man, so he chose to give it a go. So there we had it… TJ and Miguel made one hell of a popular couple. Both hot-blooded Latins, they hit it off immediately. Miguel began kissing TJ and over a minute it was a full blown workout session! Then Miguel took TJs trousers down and TJs cock sprung out, stone hard. As Miguel serviced TJ, I can tell he had been in heaven.Miguel was nervous to get fucked, so that they moved over to some nearby weight bench and TJ penetrated him. Because they fucked to the weight bench, Miguels penis was bouncing with this kind of awesome rhythm. I havent seen a pendulum cock swing like that since Riley fucked Alexander. The whole time Miguels cock was as he worked his butt up and down TJs pole. It was awesome!

Date: October 13, 2020
Category: Gay porn

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