Tricking Her Sister’s.. –


Scarlett Bloom is Zac Wild’s girlfriend. They are snuggling on a sofa and chatting, while Kasey Miller (ScarlettA) looks on. Kasey is annoyed by the way they are so in love with one another. SheA’s very attracted to Zac. She is intrigued when Zac starts to talk about NURU massages.
Scarlett sends Zac to his bedroom to take off the blindfold and prepare for their massage. She reminds Zac to bring the blindfold, as she wants this special session to be memorable. ScarlettAAs plans for sexy are thwarted when ScarlettA receives an urgent call as she gathers the supplies for her massage. After she hangs up she calls Kasey and asks if Kasey can let Zac know she will be there for 20 minutes. Kasey readily agrees.
After Scarlett has left, Kasey snatches the gel and bowl from Scarlett’s hand, then smiles at herself. As she heads towards the bedroom, Zac lies naked on his bed blindfolded, and Kasey eagerly waits for her. Kasey mischievously takes off her clothes and strangles Zac, as she starts the massage. She rubs oil and her beautiful body all over him. As he thinks heAs receiving a sensual massage from Kasey, Zac is delighted and he encourages Kasey to continue. She remains as calm as she can, until finally she is able to sink down on his back with his encouragement. After she finally does this, Zac realises that A’s his girlfriendA’s piss!
Although KaseyA was caught riding Zac red-handed, Zac has too many horns to be straight. They both desire a happy ending and even though sheAs Scarlett’s sister, KaseyA isnAt going to say a thing to Scarlett. Although this was not the special session Scarlett planned for Zac’s, Zac enjoys every moment of it!

From: nurumassage
Date: May 30, 2022
Category: Massage

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