You Will Clean Every Inch of.. –


Goddess Naughtia sits on the bathroom toilet and takes a huge dump. Her new slave is being trained to become her human toilet paper, and then eventually the full-sized toilet. He is blinded from the outside world, but his senses of smell and taste are enhanced. He should be able to smell and hear the sound of his mother’s defecating. Although he can’t hear her defecating and only smell her urine, he already salivates at the idea of cleaning his genitals. He will soon become addicted to her waste.

She finishes and stands up to tell him to wash her. Do you like the smell of my sh*t? She asks. He is forced to lick her crack. He is forced to dig into his genitals for all the bits he can. As Goddess Naughtia intensifies the intensity of the action, it is intense. You can see that she loves training toilets, and you can tell it by the scene.

Date: September 14, 2022
Category: Feet

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