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HogTied is pleased to welcome both Ashlynn (and Odile) Today’s challenge is tough for both bitches. There will be pain, uncomfortable rope bondage situations, and intense orgasm play. Ashlynn is first. The 20-year old Texan is turned out by rope bondage. She is tied with a nice bent-over straddle spread. She quickly turns on her cute, bubbly personality and is fascinated by the bonds and the inevitable aspect of the tie. She is ready to show off her nice, round stomach. Ashlynn gets a nice anal hook, fingers in her young cunt and some flogging. Ashlynn is shocked when Claire alternates between squeezing Ashlynn with the tazapper and the cane. The inexperienced starlet gets pulled higher to make sure she balances on her feet and is then exhaled to have a good time. The ground transforms her bondage into a lovely HogTie. Her sexy, giddy clit is snatched away. The 20-year old cannot stop cumming. This one is hard for Claire. Odile begins in modified steer tie. There is also a ball gag and pantyhose on Odile’s face. Finally, it is taped over her mouth. This creates a sensory and breathing predicament. Claire tortures Odile by playing with her as if she were a meaty piece and finally makes Odile a complete suspension. We want to witness this little bitch cum, so we added nipple clamps.

From: hogtied
Date: July 7, 2022
Category: General

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