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The one. The only. The London River. This elastic fucktoy prepared to be Sexuallybroken and comes in all her glory. As she’s doing. And we have a special setup to place this one through her paces. Not many are as flexible as London. We plan on taking advantage of the fact.A custom designed wooden bondage device spreads her thighs wide and leaves that shaved pussy wide open and ready for accessibility. That magnificent ass is juicy and mature and calls out for the cock. We all know as London does what she does best, specially shed her mind that is everliving. Cock as that impact on her.As London cums and cries and screams and cums. As she is not to do. As she moves cross she is reshaped by 10 inches of massive cock to a customized fit. The bondage retains her firmly in place because we railing her down. She can not escape, all she can do is take the dick. That we dish in spades.The 2 cocks tag team down her into a drooling and destroyed glassy eyed mess. London is reversed. As we remove her brains by dick through her cunt she gleefully dives deep into subspace that is sensual. Bless this animal that is sensual, we just can not get enough. She will return. And soon.

From: Sexuallybroken.com
Date: January 29, 2020
Category: Bondage

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