Get Ready for Toe Worship! –


Aneta J. yields to provide us a sexy stocking tease that will get you creamy and thick at no time! First we see her clad in lace bra and panties nude stockings and strappy high heels. She detaches her nylons from her garters gives us some opportunity to come in study and close her toes in the stockings. Taking her panties down and sitting in a chair she splays her pussy ! She then stands and again undoes her ankle straps that are luscious and shows the odd pink strengthened bottoms of her stockings that she’s going to get us all worship. Moving about on her seat Aneta thrusts her stocking feet at us curling them and dispersing her toes apart. She enables us get glimpses of her pussy and asshole but keeps returning to the stockings while slowly taking them down her shapely 28, as she tantalizes us. While looking at us along with her eyes over the extended 22, she pulls on the nylons with her toes. Then in the very exciting shots she sticks on her naked left foot in our faces using a no-nonsense saying that tells us to possess licking on!! Aneta takes her off stocking and runs it while we get to revel in the sight of her two toes. She stuffs her kitty at us yanking with the stockings on her toes, while yanking her toes. It is apparent that our only alternative is toe worship!!

Date: January 4, 2020
Stars: Aneta J
Category: Fetish

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